How To Customize

Once you find the perfect invitation, you'll want to make edits to make it personally yours.  For this tutorial I've selected a photo invitation with custom text:
Step 1 is to click the CHANGE link under the picture to replace the designer's placeholder picture with one of your own.

Step 2 is to simply go through the text field boxes and change all of that information as well.  Name, date, location, and any other information the invitation has for you to edit.  If there is a line on the card you don't want, you can simply clear the field and it will disappear.

This is the simplest form of personalizing your custom invitation.  If you want different colors, different fonts or different font sizes, you simply click the orange CUSTOMIZE IT button located underneath the product:

You will now have this screen view that will allow you to select any line you choose (simply click the line and the EDIT tool feature will highlight for you), then select the feature to change; the color, size or style of font, rotate it, etc.  You can also delete lines of text from this screen as well.  Also from this screen, the edit tool pallet will allow you to resize your uploaded picture or move it up/down or left/right to get the perfect fit (if it did not fit well in the initial upload). When you are satisfied with the way the invitation now looks, click the magnify button to view the product in a larger image to make certain it looks exactly how you want it:

When you're 100% satisfied with the product, simply select the number of invitations you want, and click the orange ADD TO CART button.